“It’s cool”

In today’s society there are many different types of people who belong to many different cultures and associate themselves with many different groups, there are many people who dress very similar and then there are people who dress slightly differently, very differently or completely unique, same goes for people’s thought process, actions, opinions, interests, movements and how we confront situations. Though it may come down to the simple fact of who we are and that’s it. There has to be more to it though.


Differences should be embraced and change shouldn’t be something to be afraid of that something to rejoice. Though is your difference based on change for status and for following the “crowd” of which something has suddenly become popular and cool even though you were once apprehensive of those differences. Do these differences stay unique or become a meaningless trend that you will soon forget about ever happened until you move onto the next trend?


Change is important and everyone has the right to change but how is it that if a change is brought from a sudden liking to those “odd” differences in the society, there is no need to have once been weirded out by them at all.


Everyone should embrace their individuality along with those around them and praise them for being brave enough to not let society box in them into a category. If we are all about kindness and spirituality why don’t we start by respect all beings including yourself as they go through the process of finding themselves within the big world?


Art by Sivan Karim Illustrations ©




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