Horror Movie right there on my TV

As Halloween comes lurking around the corner just like a creepy villain from one of your favorite horror flicks. It’s now the time of panic as that sort out the last minute details of their costumes or they still haven’t decided what their Halloween plans are. But there is no need to worry as we have you covered with an awesome list of low-key scare factor films for us chilled folk. Let’s get right into the list!

The Craft 1996

The high school flick surrounding telekinesis, witchcraft, friendship drama and a whole lot of epic nineties goth fashion to get your Halloween costume inspiration. The film follows a group of “witches”  who are seeking their fourth member to conclude their “circle” the fourth member is more important then they can expect. Watch the craft with your gal pals surrounded by candles in your coolest goth get up.

Scare Factor 3½ / 10

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Abandoned houses, witches, cats, zombies and Salem what is not to love in this classic movie. Once one of the town’s most suspicious teenager Max explores the “witch’s house” all things bad come to the surface as spell books and candles come together on an unfortunate night thing only get worse for Salem and Max along with his younger sister and his new crush Alison. Watch Hocus Pocus with your whole family with a giant bowl of popcorn and something warm to drink, you’ve got yourself a night in with a super flick.

Scare Factor 2/10

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

A true classic slasher film with good old special effects that are bound to make you laugh. The film follows a group of curious teenagers who are haunted by a viciously burnt man who sets out to make their nightmares their horrible reality along with a crop top wearing young Johnny Depp this might just be your movie. If you’re not the best with scary flicks then this might be the one for you as you can sit back and laugh at the aged special effects.

Scare Factor 4/10

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)

Another true classic for those who love a things wizardry and magic. Harry Potter is what childhood dreams are made of as you get transported into another dimension full of butterbeer, pointy hats , black cauldrons and the great hall filled with your favorite foods. But don’t be fooled by its lovely facade of benefits as there is always evil lurking behind as the dark magic follows the boy who lived. Watch this film with your wizard and witch get up along with an array of sweet treats.

Scare Factor 1/10


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