The USA has no future,

We are all slaves to something or someone.

Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth?

Do you understand them or do you ignore them?

Just once I wish I could have someone who understood,

Understood, who I am and love me for it.

Slow down teacher,

My brain doesn’t function like the others you’ve taught.

I get the answer and it will be correct,

I just will take a few extra moments you consider so precious.

I have gotten my letter of intelligence,

I know where I fall on the scale.



But deep down I know the letter is wrong,

But it won’t change no matter how hard I work.

My answers will always be different,

They will be unexpected and therefore wrong.

I’m a fish,

You’re asking me to climb a tree.

I’m smart in creative bursts,

In the emotions of others.

I’m smart at thinking and doing things another way,

All things the system will make me feel inadequate for.

No dear teacher,

It’s not your fault.

You do as you can with what you got,

It’s not your fault for the way you must grade me.

Just once I wish I belonged,

Just once I wish I knew where my tribe is.

I’m a lama,

Forever wondering the farm without belonging anywhere.

I do as I please,

Eat when I wish.

I often lay wondering what is wrong with me,

Simple problems are hard to solve.

But then words of wisdom come to me,

There’s nothing wrong with you but a lot wrong with the world you live in.

World war three could happen at any stage,

If only people would learn from history.

The devil on the stage who’s asking for leadership,

He’s the product of the fear we created.

Who’s more popular?

Me or you?

Living in social class that began in high school,

Except it’s the underdog who succeeded and the queen who fails.

Oh dear system,

Why must you take so much of who I am!?

Why must you take away individuality,

To the point where the word no longer has meaning.




That’s the way to get an A on your semester report.



Say your own thoughts.

That’s the way to fail a class.

Just once I wish someone would read what I say,

Take meaning from it and not disregard it like it doesn’t matter.

Thrown into a world where money and fame are idolised,

And love and loyalty are all but forgotten.

Children are the future you say,

Yet every day they become more like us with no future.

Training an innocent mind,

With pure thoughts about life into a robot.

A robot that pays taxes and bills on time,

That works a boring job.

That marries and has children,

To also turn into robots.

Robots who say “yes, sir”,

And bow down to the corrupt leader who wired them.

Poem by Sweetie May –

Image – Dakota Consulting Corp,. Press. 2005. Web. 19 Oct. 2016.


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