She wears short skirts

Getting ready to going out I was extremely hesitant I felt a pang of anxiety tighten around my chest as I thought of the possible perceptions and looks people would give me.

All of this because of the fact that my legs are showing and I’m in a dress compared to the usual 12-year-old boy get up I wear on a daily basis.

Though it isn’t just what people will perceive it’s the fact that in today’s society young girls are sexualized on what they wear so even if the slightest amount of skin, say your shoulders are exposed you could be slut shamed or approached or even cat called at.

I think that as young women and women of today’s society the only way to combat this is to stand your ground and wear whatever you feel comfortable in, forget about everyone else and their damn opinions!

I thought to myself why would I not wear what I choose over a possible outcome?

I like to challenge my own intuition by doing the opposite of what I think with most things so I gave myself the opportunity not to conform and wear whatever I feel comfortable in.

Even though as soon as I left the house only 300 meters down a lady looked me up and down and gave me a horrible look and the fact that coming back home on the train an elderly man kept staring at me with concern for most of my trip.

It only made me more determined to do what I wish and so should you.


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