Fog invades my sight,

How can such dark things hurt my eyes?

The trees are no longer visible,

I think I prefer it this way.

Rain drops fall from the protective green canopy above to cool my burning soul,

Green covers everything in this place,

It’s almost alien like.

I fit in well here,

I’m an alien too.

I begin to run,

Trying not to trip over roots in the ground.

I hope I can forget my problems for a while instead of reflecting on them.

My boot gets stuck in mud causing me to come to a sudden stop,

It’s nice my shoe gets stuck instead of me for a change.

The stairway to heaven doesn’t burn as much I thought,

Am I stronger?

Or is it not as hard as it looked?

I sit on a log; I can hear the chatter of passing tourists.

A car drives past,

I guess I’m not as rural as I hoped to be.

I climb down rocks so my thoughts are the only voices I hear,

A cool up breeze makes my bones shiver.

I wonder if the trees ever see the sun,

The walk back through the forest was faster than before.

The fog was clearing and my imagination around it was going with it,

I reach home and I’m no longer peaceful.

Just tired,

Green is my new favourite colour after today.


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