Album Review: Grouplove -“Big Mess”

Where do I start this album is totally brilliant.

Grouplove the super cool band from California who met in Crete have been making epic tunes since the very beginning of appearing onto the wonderful music scene and they have been smashing goals ever since.

Grouplove have that effect on you like no other band their music infects your system and allows you to forget about all your worries and doubts for even just three minutes but those minutes are filled with constant smiling, bad lip synching and jumping up and down trying to act as those you are onstage performing to the thousands.

So as you can tell I was quite excited when Big Mess came out, the cover art is just as good as it sounds and it truly paints the image of the sound adventure that Big Mess is. The album is a happy masterpiece that they have managed to create. From the very beginning to the end of the album I have been dancing to it on repeat.

Grouplove’s sound is truly their own with each member bringing their own influences into their magical sound. Big Mess is a creation in itself , the album having awesome standout moments like traumatized, ‘don’t stop making it happen’ , ‘hollywood’ , ‘good morning’ and ‘standing in the sun’ also the awesome song ‘Welcome to your life’, basically I love the whole album and that’s really all I can say. So give it a listen.




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