Here is a lovely poem by an awesome writer named sweetie may she writes from the heart, so be sure to check out her work.

I don’t call life life,

To me the word is overused.

I consider life to be a story,

A story that we are writing with no planning.

We just sit and write,

Not knowing what might be typed next.

Sometimes we know what character we want to add,

Protagonist or antagonist.

Sometimes characters will add themselves,

They don’t always have a point to them.

We wish to backspace the ones we don’t see a point to,

But we can’t hit the backspace button as it doesn’t exist.

We can write them out,

But it’s all too easy to write out a character we love instead.

The setting rarely changes within our chapters,

It’s up to the main character to change up their lives.

We are the main character and author,

Our novels need lots of editing of the days that repeated for months or years.

We have the chapters that are exciting and interesting to read,

We are big books that need to be opened and read.

Our typos are our mistakes,

Our ripped corners are our flaws.

Love us all the same,

Writing our stories unaware of what our fingers are typing.

We are the main characters of our over sized books,

Shouldn’t we try to write the most interesting book for someone to read.

Or better yet to make the story come alive like it did when you were a kid,

The giant novels are filled with mistakes and wisdom.

The short stories are depressing with abrupt unnatural endings,

Another day another chapter.

Another month another chapter,

Another year another chapter,

Another decade another chapter.

The end.


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