She Can Shred !


Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 12.14.16 AM

Dust off your skateboard and master those tricks that you have always wanted to do!
Skateboarding is a great sport, you feel like you are floating along the streets with the wind helping to guide you along.

Once you have mastered riding the board then you are most definitely ready for some epic tricks. You can learn how to do tricks almost anywhere, online and even just ask around you’ll find that most people you know have skated when they were younger or are still skating and can teach you a few things !

Heading down to your local skate park is also good because you can meet other people in the same position as you and meet new mates along the way of your skateboarding journey.

Never be afraid to try out new things because you never know you might just end up loving it.


Art By Jenny Zandona

There are so many epic female skaters so check them out.

Poppy Starr 16 and from Sydney she has made history taking out First Place in the WCS Vans Girls Combi Classic Women’s Pro division 2016.

Leticia Bufoni is a professional street satker from Brazil.

Nora Vasconcellos is an awesome skater from America you can check her out on girls skate network.


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