Women in Music


Girls , girls, girls as Vince Neil of motley crue once sang! Girls truly rock , take it from the greatest Joan Jett who started her first band The Runaways when she was only 15 Joan started The Runaways out of her pure passion and drive to do what she wanted to do.

Joan Jett and the members of The Runaways paved the way for women in music today especially in Rock as women were not socially accepted to play their guitars and rock out on the drums it just wasn’t “ladylike” but five young teenage girls from America growing up in the 60’s changed the way of music for women forever.

Women in music like Gwen Stefani and Ellie Goulding probably wouldn’t be making their music if it wasn’t for the women of the seventies.

They are a great amount of awesome women making a difference in the music scene that you should look out for! just like Sampa the Great, Hinds, Halsey, Kita Alexander, Santigold, Ecca Vandal, Ngariie, Camp Cope and so much more !


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